Good Flowers for Early Morning Sun

Spots in the landscape that get early morning sun will pose problems for some plant cultivars. Choose to plant flowering shrubs, flowering trees, or flowering plants to brighten up that early morning sun location. However, remember that plants that thrive in early morning sun will need shade during the afternoon, the hottest part of the day.

Tea Olive

Tea olive, or Osmanthus fragrans, is from the Oleaceae, or olive, family. It is a fragrant evergreen shrub that gets 20 feet tall and 6 to 8 feet wide. Dark green leaves are smooth or toothed with fall, winter, and early spring white flowers. Plant a tea olive in good soil in sun or partial shade with morning sun. Propagate via medium wood cuttings


Daffodil, or Narcissus spp., is from the Amaryllidaceae, or amaryllis, family. It is a fragrant perennial that is easy to grow and attracts butterflies. Leaves get 6 to 30 inches long with 4- to 24-inch tall flower stalks. Flowers range in color from white to yellow, orange, or pink to red. Plant a daffodil in well-drained soil with morning sun and partial shade. Propagate via seed or bulb division.

Leatherleaf Mahonia

Leatherleaf Mahonia, or Mahonia bealei, is from the Berberidaceae, or barberry, family. It is a fragrant evergreen shrub that attracts birds to the garden. This shrub gets 4 to 6 feet tall and 3 to 4 feet wide on average. Leaves are 18 inches long with 2- to 4-inch leaflets. Yellow fragrant flowers in winter are 3- to 6-inch racemes. Plant a leatherleaf mahonia in shade or partial shade with morning sun. Moist well drained soil should be used. Propagate via cuttings or fresh seed.

Star Magnolia

Star magnolia, or Magnolia stellata, is from the Magnoliaceae, or magnolia, family. It is a fragrant shrubby tree. It will get 15 to 20 feet tall and 10 to 15 feet wide. Leaves are 4 inches long and flowers are star shaped. Plant a star magnolia in organic acidic soil with mulch in an area that gets filtered shade and morning sun. Propagate via root cuttings or by seed.

Wishbone Flower

Wishbone flower, or Torenia fournieri, is from the Scrophulariaceae, or figwort, family. It is an annual that will attract hummingbirds to the garden. The wishbone flower gets 12 inches tall and nearly as wide with 2-inch leaves. Flowers are 1.5 inches long and 1 inch wide. Plant a wishbone flower in rich moist soil in partial shade with morning sun. Propagate via spring seed sowing or by cuttings.

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