The Best Non-Acidic Tomatoes to Plant

All tomatoes fall between 4.0 and 4.6 on the pH scale and there is no such thing as a tomato with no acid. However, there are many varieties of tomatoes that have a non-acidic flavor. The high sugar content of these tomatoes gives them a more balanced flavour and none of the acidic bite of other tomatoes. Those listed here are known for their big flavor and planting ease.


The campari tomato is a hybrid variety known as much for its sweet flavor as its low acidity. Campari plants make great garden tomatoes because they are easy to grow and produce a high yield of cherry or medium sized tomatoes.

Sun Gold

This attractive hybrid is a favorite amongst cherry tomatoes. It produces beautiful orange tomatoes prized for their extremely sweet flavor. Sun gold is a hardy, pest-resistant variety that fruits early and abundantly and grows well in warm or cold climates.

Sweet Million

The sweet million is a hybrid variety of cherry tomato that produces an abundance of very sweet, deep-red fruit. The sweet million is easy to cultivate and its grape-like clusters of tiny tomatoes make a delicious non-acidic snack.


The sweetie is another popular variety of cherry tomato. Its sweet, juicy fruit grows in clusters that will be around all summer long. They are hardy plants that grow quite well in gardens and they produce a lot of fruit.

Ponderosa Pink

Ponderosa pink tomatoes are large beefsteak tomatoes that produce large, eye-catching pink fruit. Its tomatoes are sweet, almost seedless, very meaty and quite flavorful. It is a late fruiting variety, but when it does fruit the yields are quite large.

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