Bird Repellent Methods

Having a few birds flutter around your yard can be a simple wonder of nature to enjoy. But when a few birds turns into a flock, that's an entirely different matter. While birds typically visit gardens when sources of food or water are provided, they sometimes become a source of damage disturbing delicate seeds not intended for their meal. Yet, just as birds persist, so, too can homeowners in repelling them from their outdoor space.

Chemical Compounds

Birds can be controlled by using chemical compounds which work in different ways. Some chemicals are meant to be ingested and the offensive taste or smell wards off birds. There are other chemicals that can be used in bird feeders that will repel birds by causing skin irritation.

Electric Repellents

Attaching hot wires to statues, fences or buildings is a surefire way to repel birds. The wire will shock the bird but not kill it. An advantage of using electric repellents is that they require little up-keep once they are in place.

Change Their Habitat

Removing items that may have first attracted the birds, such as a bird bath or bird feeder, may help to keep new feathered friends from making your yard their home. If birds persist in close-by trees even after this source of food and water have been removed, it may be necessary to trim branches from the tree where they nest. With their basic needs compromised, the birds will be forced to find these resources in a different place.

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