Plants That Can Grow in the Winter

Autumn doesn't have to mean an end to your garden's summer beauty. In fact, it could mark the beginning of a winter garden delight with colorful blooms waiting to burst into brilliance. Some flowers and shrubs will keep your garden drenched in color casting away the melancholy of winter. These selections will bloom all winter long in the Northern Hemisphere.

Weeping Winter Jasmine

This climbing plant will add brilliant yellow flowers all winter long. Fastened to a trellis or allowed to scale up garden walls and fences, this plant requires very little maintenance. In zones 4 and higher, it will begin to bloom in November with more abundant blooms appearing in January and lasting until spring.

Christmas Rose

Hellebore have evergreen foliage and blooms in dark red-purple, pink, white and even yellow. The plant contains toxins and are considered deer resistant. Often called the Christmas Rose or Lenten Rose, this perennial plant is not in the rose family. Its silver-dollar-sized flowers begin blooming in December and continue into late spring.


Snowdrops are a bulb plant that thrives in partially shaded areas, so plant them under a tree or shrubs in well-drained soil. The white blossoms look as though they are nodding, much like a daffodil. Once established, they will spread out and fill in. The bulbs should be divided about every three years.

Reticulated Irises

These short, 6-inch, plaints are a cousin to the crocus. They should be located where their blossoms can be enjoyed during its late winter blooming. Its blue to blue violet flowers last about two weeks. The plant can be toxic if ingested or irritate skin if handled with bare hands.

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