Garden Bed Edging Ideas

After you've taken the time to carefully plan and plant the perfect garden bed, finish it off by adding edging. Edging around a garden bed can be help to add interest and depending upon the materials used can formally or informally define the area. Garden bed edges are also functional as they help keep invasive plants or weeds out of the bed and also make it easier to mow around the area. Many materials are available to accommodate a range of budgets and styles.

Wood Edging

To create an edge from material that is fairly inexpensive and easy to work with, consider using wood edgings. Wood edging is also ideal to help create a rustic look. Be mindful, though, that gardeners will not be able to create curves around a garden bed with wood edging. One by 4s, or 1 by 6s, are traditionally used as edging around a garden bed. Depending upon the desired look, the timbers can be partially or fully buried in the soil. Because the timber will be in constant contact with the soil and sometimes moisture, it is best to buy pressure-treated lumber to avoid having the wood from rotting quickly.

Brick and Stone Pavers

Brick and stone pavers are ideal to incorporate a more decorative element to a garden bed. By using brick or stone pavers as a garden bed edge, it is easy to complement nearby walkways or materials used on your house. Brick and stone pavers are available in a wide range of colors and textures, allowing you to further enhance the garden bed area. For a formal garden bed, dressed stone with a flat, rectangular face presents a good option. Field stone, known for their random shapes, are well suited to create a casual feel around garden beds.

Rock Edging

Create a natural garden bed edge by using rocks of different shapes and sizes. Rocks are also available in a range of colors which will go a long way in complementing the garden bed. Making a winding pattern with rocks is an effective way to enhance an informal garden bed.

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