Luring Ladybugs Into Your Garden

Luring Ladybugs Into Your Garden - Garden Pest Tip

By Katie Torpe, Garden Guides Contributor

About Lady Bugs

Ladybugs are generally known as beneficial bugs,they eat destructive aphids like they're going out of style. They're great to have in the garden, and who doesn't like to count the spots on their backs? But then, you see one in your home. And another. And another .... Before you know it, you have a ladybug infestation.

Prevention and Control

Prevention is easier than control. Once you have ladybugs in the home, the best way to control them is to vacuum them up. Since ladybugs usually enter the home in search of warmth during winter, your best bet is to make it impossible for them to enter.


Ladybugs are harmless and will not damage anything in your home.


Some birds eat ladybugs, but most of us do not have birds flying loose in our homes. Also, there is debate about whether or not birds find them too bitter to eat.

Natural Insecticides

Diatomaceous earth

Other Methods of Control

* Spray the walls of your home with a long-lasting pesticide.
* Fix or replace broken or missing screens.
* Seal up cracks in the concrete of your foundation.
* Caulk up any holes where there outlets (dry cleaning vents or roof vents).

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