Backyard Weeding Ideas

You may have designed your backyard to be your oasis, taking great care to maintain your lawn and plant your favorite flowers, but there's one little thing that would like to disturb this retreating spot, weeds. Yet, once their presence has been detected, they don't have to take over. Gardeners can effectively weed a backyard space and crowd out the weeds that like to intrude.

Pre-Emergent Weed Controller

If your lawn is already established and you have identified the area where weeds grow each year, consider using a pre-emergent weed controller to prevent them from sprouting the next growing season. Gardeners should use a pre-emergent weed controller twice a year. Use it in early March to prevent summer weeds from sprouting and apply a second application in early September to avoid the presence of winter weeds in your lawn or flower beds. Just remember that using this type of measure will need to be repeated each year as a pre-emergent weed controller is designed to keep the weed's seeds from germinating, but they are still present. Pre-emergents are available in chemical and organic forms.

Post-Emergent Weed Controller

For weeds that are already in full bloom, gardeners can use a post-emergent weed control. There are two types of post-emergent weed control, selective and non-selective. Choose carefully as a selective post-emergent will control a particular type of weed and a non-selective weed controller will eliminate anything it comes into contact with, including your lawn or plants.

Natural Control

For gardeners who prefer a more hands-on approach to weeding, pulling weeds is by far the safest. Gardeners who decide to use this technique must be sure to pull the root as well. Manually controlling the weeds can be a time-consuming task, and should be considered for smaller spaces. Pulling weeds by hand also requires persistence and discipline as this is a task that will need to be done frequently to keep the weeds under control. If weeds are being pulled from a flower bed or beneath shrubbery, gardeners should mulch around the area to help keep the weeds from making a quick return.

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