How to Water a Trident Maple Bonsai


Trident maple bonsai trees are a popular tree among bonsai growers. Trident maples grow quickly and can be styled easily. Through leaf clipping, the overall size of the leaves on the trees are easy to reduce. Trident maples require a dormant period in the winter for optimal health. Watering requirements for these bonsais change depending on the season. With proper watering and care, your trident maple bonsai can live for many years.

Step 1

Water your trident maple daily during its growth period. If you are using a good, well-draining bonsai soil, the trident maple may need to be watered twice a day in very hot, dry climates. The trident maple's growth period is from the middle of spring until the end of summer. Keep the soil moist, but not soggy.

Step 2

Water the tree whenever the soil feels dry during the winter. Trident maples store a lot of water in their roots for the winter and you won't have to water the tree as often during the winter.

Step 3

Check the roots when you perform a root trim of the tree. If the roots are growing around the base of the pot, it can indicate that your soil isn't draining well enough. Consider using a good commercial bonsai soil for your tree.


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