How to Prune a Royal Sunset Climbing Rose


Rosa Royal Sunset is a cultivar of a repeat, blooming climbing rose known for its rich, sweet fragrance and pale apricot blooms. As a climbing rose, Rosa Royal Sunset should not be pruned until it reaches two to three years of age. Thereafter, once-a-year pruning will keep the rose healthy, encourage blooms and maintain the desired shape and size.

Step 1

Prune Rosa Royal Sunset in the winter or very early spring before any new growth appears and the plant is still dormant.

Step 2

Cut back any sucker growth that pops up below the bud union. Prune away any dead, diseased, dying or crossing canes and pull them from the shrub.

Step 3

Prune back each lateral flowering cane to the desired length, allowing each to retain at least two to three buds. Make the cut on the bias just above a leaf node or bud.

Step 4

Cut off all of the remaining foliage if pruning in the winter. Leave the rose hips for winter color or cut those off as well if desired.

Step 5

Collect all of the clippings, spent petals and dead leaves from the soil surface every time you prune. Debris on the soil is a breeding ground for disease and should never be allowed to sit on the soil for an extended period of time.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears
  • Long-handled loppers
  • Heavy rose gloves
  • Plant ties


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