Ideas for Hanging Flower Pots

Growing geraniums and other flowers in hanging baskets is popular during the summer months around the country. To make unique and practical hanging baskets, try growing vegetables. There are many benefits of this method of veggie growing: the tender produce is out of the reach of squirrels and other garden pests, there is no chance of rotting vines and vegetables like there would be in the ground, and hanging baskets are easier to move to take maximum advantage of the sun.

Cherry Tomato Cascades

Cherry tomatoes are a great candidate for growing in a hanging basket. Their long indeterminate vines will continue to grow right up until frost kills them. The vines cascade six or more feet downward and produce hundreds of perfectly sun-ripened sweet tomatoes that can be sampled straight from the vine or used in fresh summer salads. Hang the baskets at least eight feet from the ground to allow for the cherry tomatoes' vigorous growth.

Cucumber Columns

Cucumbers are another great choice for growing in a basket. Cucumbers are delicate vegetable that are prone to disease and rot when grown in a traditional garden. Hanging baskets provide cucumber vines with an abundance of air circulation and space to grow rapidly and avoid many of their risks. Harvest the cucumbers when young and sweet to minimize the stress that the weight of a mature cucumber puts on the vine. Like tomatoes, the more you pick, the more will grow.

Bush Zucchini Sprays

Bush zucchini plants are an unusual choice for hanging baskets but they are easy to grow and are abundant and spectacular. The large leaves of the zucchini plants will arch over the sides of the basket and the flowers and, later, the zucchinis will create a showy display in the middle of the basket. Both the zucchinis and the flowers can be used in the kitchen. The high productivity of the zucchini will ensure that you have plenty all summer long.

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