House Plants That Grow in Low Light

Plants need sunshine. That's what we've been told from the day we had our first introduction to the process of photosynthesis back in grade school. Our teachers were correct, of course, but there are plants--those that live under the canopy in rain forests, for instance--that thrive in the types of shady conditions present in our homes.


This plant is most commonly known as the arrowhead plant or vine. It does well in hanging planters, or on a table where the vines are allowed to cascade over the sides. Native to Mexico, this plant thrives in moist soil and will do well placed within 5 feet of a window.


This is such a fun plant to grow and comes in several different varieties. For low light conditions, choose the solid green variety. If you have a bit more light, the variegated-leaved variety will work well. Pothos will take a lot of neglect and still thrive. Let the soil dry out to within one inch of the surface between waterings, and fertilize it monthly with a half-strength dilution of any houseplant food. When the vines get long, pinch them off, remove the lower leaves and place the end in a glass of water. You'll have new pothos plants in a few weeks.

Polka Dot Plant

This plant's scientific name is Hypoestes sanguinolenta. The leaves of the polka dot plant are what attracts its fans; they are usually predominantly pink with white or green splotches. Sunlight will increase the color of the foliage, but it will tolerate somewhat shady conditions; keep the plant within three to four feet of a window for the prettiest foliage. They need somewhat moist soil and humidity, so misting is a requirement if you are going to grow the polka dot plant.

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