How to Plant Bamboo in a Pot


Bamboo is a beautiful ornamental grass that has a reputation of sometimes becoming invasive when grown in your yard. However, many bamboos are ideally suited for container growing. Container growing will allow you to have bamboo in your landscape with no chance of it spreading to unwanted areas. Potted bamboos also do very well as indoor plants.

Step 1

Select a container for your bamboo. Your container should offer at least two inches between the root ball and the side of the container. In some cases, short, wide containers are better for bamboo than tall, thin containers. The width of the container will give the bamboo runners a place to go and will allow the bamboo to fill out the container.

Step 2

Fill your container about one-third with sand for drainage. Add another inch or so of high-quality potting soil over the sand.

Step 3

Continue filling the pot until there is enough soil to support the bamboo at the desired height in the pot. Although most bamboos aren't fussy about soil type, most do best in a well-draining soil with ample organic matter.

Step 4

Place the bamboo in the pot and finish filling the pot with soil. Compact the soil over the bamboo gently.

Step 5

Water the bamboo thoroughly after planting. Bamboos require a moderate amount of water. However, over- or under-watering will harm your bamboo. The best way to water your bamboo is to feel the soil. Make sure it feels moist, but not wet.

Step 6

Keep your bamboo in the shade. In nature, bamboo is a woody grass that grows under a taller forest canopy. Too much direct sun can burn bamboo.

Things You'll Need

  • Pot or container
  • Sand
  • Premium potting soil
  • Young bamboo
  • Shady location


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