Lacewings are Good for Your Garden

Lacewings are Good for Your Garden

By Kate Torpie, Garden Guides Contributor

About Lacewings

Lacewings are generally known as beneficial bugs,they're nickname is "aphid lions." But in fact it is the larvae of this species, not the adults, that feed on pests. When the larvae emerge, they are hungry. They have strong, large jaws that they use to grab prey and inject them with paralyzing venom. Once they have their prey where they want it, they begin sucking out the bodily fluids.

Each adult lacewing lays about 200 eggs. Each larva can eat about 200 pests a week, for about three weeks during that stage of its life cycle. Often, two generations are born each year.


Lacewings will feed on aphids, spider mites, whiteflies, beetle larvae, tobacco budworm, mealybugs, leafhoppers and some insect eggs, such as caterpillar and moths.

Cultivation and Care

* Lacewings are available for purchase either online or at local gardening stores.
* If you purchase the insects or are trying to attract them, grow plants with nectar or honeydew. This is what the adults feed on and what will keep them healthy, happy, and mating.
* It's best not to use an insecticide in the spring and summer if you have purchased lacewings.

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