How to Plant Leland Cypress Trees


Leland Cypress trees, also spelled Leyland Cypress, are a group of trees that are sterile hybrids. They are a hybrid of the Alaskan cedar and the Monterey cypress. Though the tree has no natural range, it is grown successfully in California, the Southern and Southeastern United States, Australia, New Zealand and England. The most common are the original Haggerstown Grey, Gold Cup, Leighton Green, Green Spire, Silverdust, Robinson's Gold, Castelwellan and Naylor's Blue. The tree is a favorite to bring indoors to use as a Christmas tree during the holidays and it's also a favorite landscaping tree. At maturity they can reach a height of 120 to 140 feet.

Step 1

Plan to obtain and plant your Leland Cypress roughly six weeks before the first expected fall frost in your growing region. You can plant these trees at anytime during the year, yet they will flourish if they are planted in the late fall. If you obtain your tree and your area is going through an extremely dry spell with high temperatures, place your tree in a shady area until the severe weather passes and keep it watered. Planting sites that receive full or partial sun work well for Leland Cypress.

Step 2

Dig a planting hole that is large enough to contain your tree's root system. The hole you dig should be twice the depth and height of the root ball.

Step 3

Place the tree into the hole and spread out any tangled roots. Back-fill the hole with dirt. Pack the soil down firmly around the tree using your foot or the flat side of a hoe. Doing this will help any air pockets that remain around the tree's roots to be removed.

Step 4

Water the tree thoroughly. Plan to water your tree twice weekly until the first frost of the season. Resume twice weekly watering in the spring.

Step 5

Apply mulch around the tree, yet leave 3 to 4 inches of space around the trunk of the tree free of mulch.

Tips and Warnings

  • At maturity this is a giant of a tree. You should not plant Leland Cypress beneath or near telephone or power lines.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Water
  • Mulch


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