How to Grow a Bamboo Plant in Water


Bamboo plants are part of a design principal known as feng shui. They are believed to bring good energy into your home, attracting health, prosperity and luck. Bamboo are hearty in both soil and water, but the most common way they're grown indoors is hydroponically, or in water. If planted correctly, once situated, these plants will grow well in their watery homes with only minimal care. A few good decisions in the beginning will assure your plant a long life.

Step 1

Prepare your water. Fill an open container with tap water and let it sit out on the counter for at least 24 hours. Using tap water without allowing it to sit out exposes your plant's root system to chemicals and can damage your plant. Use purified or distilled water if you do not want to wait for your water's chemicals to dissipate.

Step 2

Choose a container. Bamboo plants perform best in water-tight glass or ceramic containers. Choose whichever type fits your decor, but remember that glass containers let in more natural light, which can encourage algae growth and require slightly more maintenance.

Step 3

Tie off your bamboo plants. Arrange your plants in clusters or arrangements and tie them together with ribbon. This step is optional, but many believe that clustering bamboo plants in certain numbers maximizes their potential to attract good energy. For example, stalks in groups of two are said to attract love energy.

Step 4

Choose an anchoring medium. Anchoring mediums are products like gravel, marbles or sand. These help your plant stand up in water and give the roots something to attach to.

Step 5

Place your bamboo plants in your container and fill in the area around the plant with about 2 inches of anchoring medium. Sit in a location that provides indirect sunlight. Placing the plant before adding water helps prevent spills.

Step 6

Fill your container with enough water to completely cover the anchoring medium. Keep the water level consistent by checking often to see if it needs refilling. Completely change the water and rinse off the anchoring medium every two weeks to prevent algae, fungus, mold and bacteria to build around the root system.

Things You'll Need

  • Glass or ceramic container
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Anchoring medium
  • Filtered water
  • Aquarium plant food


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