How to Use Garden Benches


Garden benches are available in a wide variety of materials and styles, making it easy to find a bench that will complement the décor of your garden and home. Adding a bench can be a great way to accent your landscaping, and also provides seating for you and your guests to relax in the garden atmosphere. To find the right bench for you, consider the options available and how they might add or detract from your garden. Decide how you want the bench to interact with your other garden elements, and get shopping!

Step 1

Decide what purpose you want your bench to serve. Some garden benches are more ornamental than functional (like elaborate wrought iron benches, which are visually attractive but not very comfortable) while others are intended for frequent use.

Step 2

Consider different style options. Some garden benches are formal and dainty, giving your garden a Victorian feel, while others are comfortable and homey, like a simple cedar bench. Consider the décor of your house and how it will extend to the garden.

Step 3

Purchase a bench from a reputable furniture, garden or home store. Be sure that the bench is intended for outdoor use, because indoor benches will not withstand the rain, wind and snow that a garden bench will encounter.

Step 4

Place your bench in the garden. If you want to use your bench for seating, consider how you will access the bench. You may need to install a stone path if your bench is surrounded by plants.

Step 5

Consider incorporating your bench into the garden with climbing vines. Vines can be trained to grow around the legs and arms of garden benches, making the furniture look like a part of your garden. Morning glories are an easy, fast-growing choice for this technique.

Step 6

Bring your bench inside for the winter if you live in a cold climate. Harsh snow and ice will damage the stain on wooden benches, and cause iron benches to rust. However, if your bench is more ornamental than functional, some gardeners prefer to let the bench get slightly worn, to give an antique or country appearance. Just be sure your guests don't sit on rusty benches, as the rust can stain their clothing.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden bench
  • Climbing vines (optional)


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