How to Plant Ivy on a Topiary Ball


Topiary art is an ancient practice that dates back hundreds of years. Gardeners use the technique to decorate and accentuate the beauty of a garden or house. Although topiaries are traditionally formed by constantly clipping fast-growing evergreens like boxwoods in the desired form or shape, many wired structures are available now that make forming topiaries very easy. Cover your topiary with lights or place it on a center table to form a beautiful decoration piece.

How to Plant Ivy on a Topiary Ball

Step 1

Purchase a topiary ball and container from your local nursery or hobby shop. Balls of many sizes are available, so have a designated spot in mind to purchase the right size accordingly. Purchase a ball that has "legs" or stands so you can insert those into the container soil. Check to make sure the container has adequate drainage holes in the bottom, or else drill them yourself. Select a well-branched ivy plant that has small leaves.

Step 2

Fill your container with high-quality potting mix. Avoid garden soil, which hardens in containers, preventing drainage and resulting in possible root rot. Fill it until it is 2 inches below the rim.

Step 3

Lower an ivy plant into the container mix and spread its delicate roots. Backfill with soil so the roots are covered, and gently tamp the soil down with your fingers to remove any trapped air pockets.

Step 4

Gently place the ball framework into the pot over the ivy foliage. Pull the stems of the plant and extend them outside the framework. Spread them evenly and gently twist them around the framework. Use ties or cut pieces of garden string to hold the stems to the ball's framework.

Step 5

Water the container with a watering can so the soil is evenly moist. Make sure the soil does not dry out between waterings.

Step 6

Place the topiary container in shaded patio where it can receive filtered light and plenty of humidity.

Tips and Warnings

  • Twist the stems carefully to avoid breaking any. Pests such as spider mites can damage ivy topiaries. If a problem occurs, spray the stems, leaves and vines of the ivy with lukewarm water and follow with insecticidal soap. Trim off any wayward stems that give the topiary an unkempt look.

Things You'll Need

  • Topiary wire ball
  • Container
  • Ivy plant
  • Good quality potting mix
  • Watering can
  • Garden string


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