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You may think you don't need garden markers. Surely you'll remember where you planted the zinnia seeds...and where the peonies will appear in the spring. But garden markers not only show where you put your new plants, they also help you identify older ones long after the nursery tags are gone. There are lots of fun, easy and inexpensive ways to make your own garden markers.

River Rocks

River rocks, with their smooth sides and hefty weight, are ideal for plant markers. Use a permanent marker or an etching tool to write each plant specimen's name on a rock, spray the writing with acrylic sealer and tuck the rock close to the plant.

Venetian Blinds

Old Venetian blinds can be recycled into sturdy plant markers. Trim a 6-inch piece of blind, write on it with permanent marker and stick the bottom half into the ground.

Popsicle Sticks

Popsicle sticks are ideal for the vegetable garden. Write on them with permanent marker and place at the end of each row. By the time your vegetables are growing and easily identifiable, the sticks will be ready for recycling or composting.

Broken Pots

An old clay pot with a piece missing can be broken into smaller shards. Write on the shard with permanent marker and spray with acrylic sealer.

CD Cases

CD cases can be emptied of their contents and filled with designs. Use permanent markers to color one half of the case, then use a contrasting color to write the plant's name on the inside of the other half. Then dig a narrow trench next to your plant and insert the case.

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