How to Keep Snapdragons Blooming All Summer


Sweet smelling, brightly-colored snapdragons are a favorite of the home gardener, enchanting when planted en masse or in groupings with petunias or other annuals. Snapdragons are available in short, medium and tall varieties, and in a wide palette of both pastels and bold colors. If snapdragons are treated just right, they'll continue to bloom all summer long.

Step 1

Cut snapdragons often. This is the single most important thing that will keep snapdragons blooming all summer. Deadhead snapdragons by pinching off blooms as soon as they fade. Snapdragons are great for cutting, so bring them inside, put them in a vase, and enjoy them.

Step 2

Water snapdragons often to keep them blooming. Water them from the ground, because wetting the foliage can sometimes cause mildew and rust. Keep the area around the plants clean, and don't let plant matter and debris pile up.

Step 3

Feed snapdragons regularly throughout the growing season to keep them blooming. Use a balanced water-soluble fertilizer, applied according to the manufacturer's directions.

Step 4

Stake tall varieties of snapdragons to keep them growing upright in windy conditions. Drive the stake into the ground carefully, and connect the snapdragons to the stake with a piece of soft twine. Shorter varieties have sturdy stalks and require no staking.

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