Unique Landscaping Ideas

In more modern subdivisions, houses in the same neighborhood tend to look pretty much the same and that goes for landscaping as well. Unless you're restricted by homeowner association rules and regulations, why not break out of the gardening rut and try a few unique landscaping ideas for your front yard.

Edible Plants

Some vegetables are surprisingly attractive and are easily incorporated into a border or bed in the front yard. The bonus is you get fresh veggies for dinner. Chard is a broadleaved green that usually comes in dark green. There are varieties that combine dark green leaves with brightly colored stems and veins in yellow, red and white. Chard grows to 18 inches high. The leaves can be harvested individually and the plant will continue to grow. Kale is another green that makes an interesting addition to a bed or border. It grows similarly to a loose head of lettuce. The leaves are ruffled. Edible varieties come in dark green and green edged with pink. Edging a flower bed with varieties of lettuce provides visual interest and a fresh crunch in your salad. Mesclun is a seed mixture of greens and may include savory, chicory, oak leaf, red leaf, arugula, and endive as well as other varieties. The lettuce is meant to be harvested when the leaves are young no more than 4 to 6 inches big.

Moonlight Garden

A white garden is breathtaking in the moonlight as the flowers seem to float in the air. Choose a space in the yard that gets full sun. Most flowers require at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight to bloom. Select varieties of flowers that stay open at night, such as roses, dahlias, zinnias, lilies, gladiolus, and daisies. Edge the bed with white variegated foliage plants or gray-leaved plants such as dusty miller or lamb's ear. Place a bench with comfy pillows near the moonlight garden for viewing.


Topiaries are shrubs or small trees sheared into shapes. Shapes like animals require planning and precise pruning. Geometric shapes like circles and spirals don't require as much skill. Matching sets of standard topiaries leading up to your front entrance catches attention, is attractive and doesn't require a lot of work. Pruning is done just once a season. If budget is an issue, select normal plants from the nursery and prune them yourself.

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