Compost Bin Making Ideas

A compost bin is a great way to recycle kitchen and yard scraps into useful fertilizer for your yard and garden. The bin itself may also be a good way to recycle old building materials and other items to a useful purpose. A basic compost bind should have three sides to contain the compost. Some gardeners like to build two bins. They transfer finished compost into the second bin, or transfer the whole compost pile back and forth between the two bins as a way to keep the bins well mixed and aerated.


You can build a compost bin with four corner posts and chicken wire. Leave the bin open on the front to make it easier to stir up the pile. Items decompose faster if they're stirred once a week or so. You can also build a bin out of wire panels such as those used to create dog kennels or livestock pens.


Fasten wooden pallets together with wire hinges to form a quick and inexpensive compost bin. You may even be able to obtain pallets for free from a local business. Most pallets are made from oak, so they will last a long time.

Plastic Barrels

Drill holes in the side of a plastic barrel to allow air in and excess water out. Fill the barrel with compost. Snap on the lid, turn the barrel on its side and roll it around to aerate the compost.

Metal Tubs

Large metal tubs, such as the kind used to water livestock, can make a convenient compost bin. The metal will keep the compost in one place. Use a large stick or pitchfork to stir the compost. You could also use an old bathtub for a compost bin.

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