Window Box Ideas for Winter

Winter weather may be too harsh for flowers in most areas, but your window boxes don't have to sit bare all season long. Dressing window boxes for winter adds interest to your house, and color to an other-wise bare landscape. Choose materials impervious to the cold and a theme appropriate to the season or to your home.

Evergreen Boughs

Filling a window box with evergreen trimmings is perhaps one of the most popular ways to decorate for winter. Be sure to anchor the boughs with garden staples to keep winter winds from stewing them about the yard. Mix several kinds of evergreen for varying shades of green and different textures. Add tiny lights, ribbon or even large Christmas ornaments.

Twigs and Berries

Gather bare branches from the yard and spray paint them white. "Plant" these in your window box and twine the branches with pepper-berry garlands. You can also add strands of tiny white lights. The branches and berries will add color all winter.

Ice Sculptures

If you live in an area where temperatures remain below freezing much of the winter, decorate your window boxes with homemade ice sculptures. Choose a square plastic box as your mold and fill with water. Float bits of evergreen, berries or anything colorful in the water and stick in the freezer or on the back steps overnight. The next day, unmold the block. Line up a few of these ice cubs in a window box, set on a bed of evergreens. You can also make ice lanterns. Insert a tin can inside of a plastic bucket. Fill the bucket with water up to the rim of the can, being careful water doesn't overflow into the can. Let the water freeze and remove the ice from the bucket. Remove the tin can and insert a votive candle in its place. A row of these ice luminaries looks particularly lovely lined up in a window box at night.

Bird Feeder

Turn your window box into a bird feeding station by strewing seed across the bare dirt. Birds will gather to feed, convenient to your window for watching.

Bird Houses

Arrange a collection of wooden bird houses of various heights and styles in your window box. You can stew evergreen beneath the bird houses, or even wrap them in light. Be sure to remove the bird houses before spring, or you may have birds moving in.

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