How to Hang Lights in a Home Garden


Gardens can become a magical place in the evening when the light of a few, well-placed hanging garden lanterns casts a warm and welcoming glow on adjacent pathways or garden features. Solar-powered lanterns are particularly nice because some models store up to 10 hours of light from absorbing sunlight each day. This keeps wires out of the garden, which is safer for children and pets. Hanging solar powered garden lanterns is easy.

Step 1

Select the type of lantern that suits your garden or event. Solar lanterns are available in traditional lantern styles, in paper globe shapes, in the form of butterflies and dragonflies and in many colors and sizes. For frequent evening enjoyment select a lantern that suits the style of your home, and one that has a large solar collector and battery.

Step 2

Position lanterns along walkways by selecting a shepherd's type stake. These stakes can be easily pressed into the ground. The top has a nice wide curve with a small curl on the end. Make sure that these lanterns are inside garden beds so that the lantern is outside the actual pathway. Try to mount all Shepherd's stakes at approximately the same height for a uniform look.

Step 3

Mount wall hooks to walls, fences or posts. The lantern should be high enough to cast light well. Typically you want the lantern to be above the head height of any family members if they are placed near places where people will walk. These higher mounted hooks can be used to hang flowering pots during day events while lanterns recharge elsewhere in a sunny location.

Step 4

Install wall hooks using lag bolts, washers, a drill and a socket wrench. Because lantern's and hanging pots are heavy, it is always a good idea to mount the hangers so that they can sustain the weight. Drill the bolt hole through the wood and use a washer on the lag bolt before you insert the bolt through the mounting hole. Screw the bolt deep into the wood or stud using a socket wrench.

Things You'll Need

  • Pathway (shepherd's) hooks
  • Wall-mount hooks
  • Drill
  • Lag bolts
  • Washers
  • Socket wrench


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