Strawberry Plants for Fall Planting

Establishing strawberry plantings in the fall gives you a seasonal jump on the first year of spring and summer production. Fall planting provides not only an earlier crop of berries but also larger harvests from more mature plants. Strawberry plants overwinter well in moderate climates and are generally hardy in USDA Zones 5 through 8 but will not do well with fall planting in cooler climes even if mulched heavily. Plant strawberries in September or October to allow them to settle into their surroundings before temperatures drop and a frost occurs. All fall planted strawberries will need to be mulched with a few inches of organic material to protect them from temperature fluctuations, soil heaving, wind and drought conditions.


The Chandler cultivar is a favored summer bearing strawberry plant that produces large harvests of large, deeply flavored strawberries. Chandler will produce fruit from late May through late summer or early fall and do well in all planting regions of the United States.


Earliglow strawberries are an June- or summer-bearing cultivar distinguished for their sweet, rich flavor, classic conical shape and deep red colored skin and interior flesh. Earliglow berries are medium to large in relative size, firm when ripe and perform well even in the shorter, wetter seasons found in the Northeast and Atlantic coast regions.

Ozark Beauty

Ozark Beauty is an everbearing cultivar sought for its ability to quickly produce crops by late spring even when winter conditions persist into early spring. They are popular for their large harvests and long growing season producing berries from May through until snowfall. Ozark Beauty berries are deep red in color, medium to large in size and remain slightly firm when sweet and ripe.


Albion strawberries are an everbearing cultivar that throws off berries in smaller crops, frequently throughout the growing season from May until the first hard frost occurs. They are known to be resistant to Verticillium wilt and crown rot, common plagues amongst strawberry plants. The berries are medium to large in size and known for their deep red interior and exterior coloration.

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