How to Make a Compost Bin From Wooden Pallets


When you need a compost bin, sometimes making something out of what you have on hand is the most efficient use of your resources. You can make a simple compost bin out of wood pallets and rope. Once you have fresh compost curing for use on your garden, your efforts will be paid back handsomely in "black gold" (so called because many gardeners consider compost to be as valuable as gold).

Step 1

Place two pallets together with the long edges at a 90-degree angle to make one corner of the compost bin. Cut the rope into segments. Tie the two pallets together with rope at the top, middle and bottom to secure them tightly.

Step 2

Place a third pallet at a 90-degree angle against the long edge of one of the first two pallets to create another corner. Tie the third pallet to the other pallet in the same fashion. You should now have three sides of the compost bin constructed.

Step 3

Add the fourth and last pallet as the fourth side of the compost bin. Tie this pallet to the other two pallets at the corners in the same fashion.

Step 4

Find a location where you will keep your compost bin. Lay the plastic tarp down on the ground in this location.

Step 5

Place the pallet compost bin on top of the tarp. Attach the tarp to the wood of the pallets by inserting bungee cords into the grommets of the tarp and pulling the tarp up around the bottom of the pallets. Place two bungee cords at each corner to pull each side corner up snugly around the pallets. Place another bungee cord along each side edge, if necessary. This will create a bottom for the compost bin.

Step 6

Fill the compost bin with the composting materials as desired.

Step 7

Place the second tarp on top of the compost bin as a lid. Attach the tarp to the compost bin using bungee cords inserted into the grommets in the same way you attached the bottom tarp.

Things You'll Need

  • 4 wood pallets
  • 1/2-inch-thick rope
  • Sharp utility knife
  • 2 plastic tarps with grommets (at least 6 feet square)
  • Bungee cords
  • Composting materials


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