Plant Ideas for Outdoor Pots

Growing plants in outdoor pots is perfect for gardeners who do not have a yard, do not have time to maintain ground, grown plants or for those with small spaces to work with. Gardening with outdoor pots leaves you with a wealth of different ideas you can use when planting. Grow everything from vegetables, fruits, trees and flowers in a pot situated outdoors. Container-grown plants will be easier to maintain and will add beauty to the landscape, patio or porch.

Fruit Trees

Grow fruit trees into outdoor containers. Select a container that is two to three times larger than the fruit tree's root ball and has drain holes. Follow the particular fruit tree's light and soil requirements, when planting. Fruit trees such as mandarin orange trees and pomegranates will both grow well in a container. Their size is relatively small, making them easy to maintain. Other fruit trees, such as lime, lemons, guava and dwarf mulberry will also grow well in outdoor containers.


Plant vegetables into a single container, or use a larger tub to plant multiple vegetables to create a container garden. For example, use a 15- to 25-gallon container and plant taller vegetables, such as tomatoes, peppers and eggplant together. Then, add vegetables with a tendency to vine, such as cucumbers, to the outer rim where they can hang over the side. They all have the same requirements and the different colored vegetables will be appealing to the eye. Create a salad vegetable garden by growing lettuce, celery, patio tomatoes, radishes and green onions together.

Flower Gardens

Use outdoor containers filled with annuals to give the area a constant feel of color and flower blooms. Use annuals, such as pink or white bush petunias planted in the center and place purple sweet potato vine around the edges. Their requirements are the same and they'll give a colorful display. Fill a container with several colored varieties of the same species. Use white, pink and red vincas planted together to make a stunning display of color. Plant perennials such as a yellow bush daisy in the center and blue daze planted on the sides to vine over the edges. They both have the same needs and the blue and yellow colors mixed together will be striking.

Herb Gardens

Grow herbs in a container, or create a multiple herb, herb garden by using outdoor containers. Create an herb garden by planting several species together that have the same maintenance requirements. For example, plant herbs such as basil, oregano and tarragon together to create an Italian herb garden. Plant the taller herbs into the center, or background of the container and the low-growing or vining herbs on the outside. Plant a salad spice garden by planting dill, parsley, chives and garlic together. They have the same requirements and the varied foliage will be appealing to the eye.

Trees and Evergreens

Place small trees or shrubs in the containers that will stay green year-round. For a tropical feel, plant palms such as areca, lady or Christmas palms into the containers. They will require little maintenance and will grow quite well inside containers. Plant a bushing bamboo or orange bird of paradise, to continue with the tropical look. Evergreens such as small juniper bushes will also look good and will require little maintenance. For a flowering shrub, plant a hibiscus tree inside the container and you will have flowers year-round.

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