Good Flowers for Potting

Flower pot flowers can be on trees, shrubs, or small plants. Having a burst of color come from a portable garden, or container garden, can be a different, creative option, depending on how you arrange the garden pots. Many flowers are suitable for potting, coming in different sizes, shapes, colors and textures.

Scarlet Sage

Scarlet Sage, or Salvia splendens, is from the Lamiaceae/Labiatae, or mint, family. It is easy to grow for beginners. Height ranges from 8 inches to 3 feet with flowers in a variety of shades. Leaves are dark green. Plant a scarlet sage in average or enriched soil in full sun for cool climates or partial shade for warm climates. Propagate via seed.


Zinnia, or Zinnia elegans, is from the Asteraceae/Compositae, or aster/daisy, family. It is an annual that is drought resistant and attracts hummingbirds and butterflies to the garden. It will get to 30 inches tall with daisy like flowers that are purple and 2 inches wide on average. Other colors can be red, yellow, orange, or a range of colors. Plant a zinnia in well drained rich soil in full sun. Propagate via seed.


Daffodil, or Narcissus spp., is from the Amaryllidaceae, or amaryllis, family. It is an easy growing perennial that will attract butterflies and can be drought resistant. Leaves are strap-like and 6 to 30 inches long with flowers on stalks that get 4-24 inches tall. Most daffodils are yellow or white, but some have orange or pink or red too. Plant a daffodil in rich well drained soil in morning sun and partial shade. Propagate via seed or by bulb division.

Lamb's Ear

Lamb's Ear, or Stachys byzantine, is from the Lamiaceae/Labiatae, or mint, family. It is an easy growing perennial. Leaves are white and woolly, and 2 to 4 inches long with small purple flowers. Flowers are on 12 to 18 inch spikes in the summer. Plant a lamb's ear in full sun in the north and afternoon shade in the south. Moist, well-drained soil is preferred. Propagate via root mass division or it may self-seed.

Crape Myrtle

Crape Myrtle, or Lagerstroemia indica, is from the Lythraceae, or loosestrife, family. This fast-growing, flowering shrub can grow well in containers. It can reach 18 inches to 40 feet, depending on cultivar. Smooth leaves are with clusters of flowers in white, pink, red, purple or lavender. Plant a crape myrtle in moist soil and in good sun. Propagate via seed, hard wood cuttings in winter, or medium wood cuttings in fall.

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