The Advantages of Landscape Lighting

Adding lights to your outdoor landscapes lend beauty to your garden beds and lighting up dark spots for added security are just a few. Enjoy your landscape into dusk with outdoor lighting around decks and patios. When the sun goes down, you can linger around your fire pit or take an evening stroll along a well-lit and sparkling path or walkway.


Landscape lighting is the perfect way to showcase a beautiful slate walkway or elegant flower garden. The soft glow emitted from an outdoor light highlights your favorite landscaped areas. Well-situated lighting creates dramatic shadows and outlines and can look theatrical, like a well-lit stage. A line of solar lights nestled within a perennial garden enhances the surrounding area with their soft and low glow, while a set of spotlights against a Japanese maple command center stage and create a focal point in your yard.


A dark landscape can be an open invitation to unwanted intruders. However, when you install lights down a dark walkway or driveway, you help to deter people from coming onto your property. A high-wattage light that trips when someone enters the property is a motion sensor lighting unit. It promptly lights up when something or someone passes by the sensor. In addition to a motion light system, flood lights and yard lights can also light up dark spots and create a well-lit yard. Flood lights are typically positioned on the corners of your home and can be adjusted depending upon where you want the light to shine. Path lights leading up the front steps will also help to create a safe front walk area and are discreet within the landscape. Choose between built-in lights or use a set of solar lights and stagger them down the walk.


Lights beckon you and keep you outdoors a little longer, especially in the warm summer months. Linger in the evening hours among your lit up flowers and herbs. Light up your pool and spa areas for a more inviting environment. Use lights around the perimeter of an outdoor patio or deck to create an enjoyable outdoor space. Well-lit landscapes are a beautiful sight at dusk when the lights begin to flicker on and the outdoors takes on a new, fresh feeling.

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