Landscaping Ideas for Decks

The backyard deck has become a gathering place for family barbeques and get-togethers with friends. The deck becomes an extension of the house where you can apply the same landscaping theme as was established for the rest of the house. Deck landscaping adds a rich look that will please you and can ultimately increase the value of your home.

Shrubs and Trees

Any type of tree can provide shade, which is particularly helpful when planted on the west side of the deck to block late afternoon sun. Tall growing shrubs, and trees to some extent, can provide privacy. Any tree or tall shrub indigenous to your area can be suitable. If choosing to plant a fruit tree, care must be taken to keep the area clean of fallen, and maybe rotting, fruit. Use an odd number of shrubs to surround the deck and consider spacing the shrubs further apart than suggested by the nursery tag. Spacing the shrubs further apart breaks the view from neighbors while allowing you to see out. Use low shrubs either as accent pieces or in a solid row. Low shrubs are particularly useful on a slightly raised deck.


Surround the deck with the same annual or perennial flowers that you are using around your house to continue the theme. Flowers can be added to over-the-rail flower boxes to bring their beauty up to eye level on the deck.

On the Deck

Create a bench that includes a planter box at one or both ends. Plant flowers or use the box for herbs or even vegetables. Wide steps can hold planters of flowers or herbs down one side; keep the other side free of planters for access to the handrail.

Ornamental Touches

On ground-level at the corners or center-sides of the deck, add obelisk to grow flowering vines or garden peas, or to string twinkling lights. Landscape lighting around the deck at ground level and under the handrail can add ambience.

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