How to Choose Easy Care House Plants


When thinking about how to choose easy-care house plants, look for low-maintenance plant varieties that you can display anywhere in your home. Easy-to-care-for house plants are ideal for those not blessed with a green thumb or who have little time to devote to indoor gardening. While easy-care house plants still need regular watering and sufficient light and temperatures, they are more forgiving if growing conditions are less than ideal. By selecting house plants that are easy to grow, you bring a bit of nature indoors to brighten up a room, add a display of beauty to a dull area and enjoy cleaner, healthier air.

Choosing a Plant for Your Home

Step 1

Select a location and plant that match the surroundings. If the location you selected gets little light, there are a number of varieties that thrive in low light. Among them are the African violet, philodendron, jade plant, money tree, giant dumbcane and lipstick plant. If your preferred location is by a window that provides moderate or bright light daily, there are greater choices for easy-care plants. They include the snake plant, peace lily, aloe vera, ficus, lady palm, rubber plant and numerous flowering house plants.

Step 2

Choose a house plant that matches your personality. If you live a busy lifestyle or travel a lot, pick a house plant that can go without water for several days. The aspidistra or cast iron plant can go eight to 10 days without water. The zamioculcus zamiifolia, commonly called the ZZ plant, generally needs watering once every two weeks. Both plants also like low light conditions. The cactus prefers dry conditions as well but needs bright light or direct sunlight.

Step 3

Decide on the style of house plant. There are flowering house plants, but they require moderate to bright light and frequent watering. A large floor plant is great for accenting a corner of a room and requires only basic plant care. Consider the dracaena Janet Craig for low-light areas. For moderate or bright light conditions, choose the yucca plant or other popular varieties of the dracaena family, like the lucky bamboo, corn plant, fragrans or marginata. Select a hanging plant if you want to accent your windows or hallways. The most popular easy-to-care-for hanging plants are the spider plant, jade plant, Boston fern and marble queen.


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