How to Care for Pond Hyacinths


Pond or water hyacinths are aquatic plants found mostly along the Amazon River Basin in Brazil, but grow well in both North and South America. They are low-maintenance plants that grow easily and bloom with large pink or purple flowers when temperatures reach 80 degrees or above. Water hyacinths can help your pond by limiting the sunlight that enters the water and utilizing the pond's nutrients, both of which discourages the growth of algae.

Step 1

Use pond hyacinths in any pond, regardless of the lining. Pond hyacinths are so durable, they will grow in any water environment, as long as it is salt-free. A dirt bottom, however, will provide more nutrients and fuller growth.

Step 2

Make sure the pond where the hyacinth is planted gets full sunlight. Sun is the key to the growth of a water hyacinth.

Step 3

Prune back hyacinths when they are first put into the pond. Remove all broken leaves or dead leaves from the plant and cut back the growth as much as you want. The plant will only regrow with fuller, healthier foliage.

Step 4

Use fertilizer to encourage growth. You can use any type of fertilizer without harm to the plant, but look for animal-safe fertilizers if you have fish in your pond.

Step 5

Remove hyacinths as soon as they die in the winter with a rake or fishing net. Hyacinths left sitting through the winter will be more difficult to remove in the spring.

Tips and Warnings

  • Water hyacinths are considered the "worst aquatic plant' due to their fast growth, which can block waterways. Importing the plant is illegal in multiple states, mostly in the southern United States where the weather is warm year-round.

Things You'll Need

  • Pond hyacinths
  • Pruning shears
  • Rake or fishing net


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