Vegetables to Grow in a Summer Garden

There is a huge variety of vegetables that can be grown in the summer. Since this is the time of the year with the greatest amount of sunshine, a lot of plants take advantage of it to grow and produce fruits and other edibles. Some common plants that do well in summer gardens include tomatoes, hot and sweet peppers, squashes, cucumbers, beans and eggplants.


Tomatoes are best planted in your summer garden between March and May after the last frost date. They take about 80 or fewer days to mature and produce an average of 3 to 4 pounds of tomatoes per plant in the season. They can be harvested throughout the summer. Many gardeners buy young plants from a gardening center rather than growing them from seed. The plants should be spaced about 2 feet apart along a row and 2 to 3 feet in between rows.


Peppers should be planted later in the spring, around April or May. They like warm weather, preferably at or above 80 degrees F. The plants take between 70 and 80 days to mature. You can harvest the peppers in June, July or August.

Summer Squash

There are many varieties of summer squash, including zucchini and scallop squashes, and they take a relatively short amount of time to mature: around 55 days in some climates. They require a large amount of space, although they do provide 3 to 4 pounds of harvest per plant.


Cucumbers do very well in summer gardens. The best time for planting is April or May. Like squash, they require a short amount of time to grow: between 55 and 65 days. Cucumbers will yield approximately 1 pound of harvest per plant. They can be planted a foot away from each other, although they need 3 to 4 feet between rows.


Bush and pole beans are summer and fall vegetables, and depending on the climate can be planted as early as March or as late as August. They can be planted very close together. A 100-foot row will yield between 40 to 80 pounds of beans. They take 65 to 75 days to mature.


Eggplant is another excellent summer vegetable. It also can be planted in April or May, though it takes a little longer to mature---about 85 days. Harvesting can be done in July or August as the fruit ripens. Eggplants yield up to 2 pounds of produce per plant.

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