Plants That Grow in Winter

Nearly any plant can grow indoors during the winter. But some intrepid souls, who can brave the cold, want to maintain an outdoor garden all year round. This can be a challenging task when the weather turns colder and winter approaches. Believe it or not, though, there are some plants that thrive in cold weather. These are the plants you should seek for a successful winter garden.


Leaf lettuce is the most notorious cold weather crop. Thriving in cold temperatures, this edible plant turns bitter when warm weather approaches. Beets and radishes grow rapidly, making them wonderful winter weather vegetables, particularly in early winter before the ground has frosted. These root vegetables grow quickly and easily and can be harvested before or shortly after a frost has passed with minimal to no consequence. Kale, winter squash and spinach are also ideal because of their heartiness and quick growing habits.


A variety of flowers thrive in cold winter weather. Ironically, these are often flowers that look and seem the most delicate. Aster, baby's breath and primrose are just three examples of cold-weather-tolerant plants. For a dash of color, you may want to try carnations, hollyhocks and violas. Take care, though. Even though these are cold weather tolerant flowers, they will still need some protection from the harshest of snows and frosts. Be prepared to protect the flowers with a canopy, frame, or bell jar.


Holly and yew are two cold weather favorites for winter shrubbery. These plants provide a striking mass of green in a landscape that is otherwise barren. They also provide a food source for winter birds, attracting avian creatures and other wildlife to your garden during the long winter months. In addition to these, Witch Hazel and Japanese Pieris are incredibly cold-tolerant. Shrubbery requires little to no protection from the cold, and can serve as a wind block for other, more delicate flowers and vegetables if planted for such a purpose.

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