Landscape Edging Options

A perfectly landscaped lawn increases the curb appeal of any home. Edging the landscaped areas defines the zones, creating clean lines and a polished look to complete the landscaping. With the vast array of landscape edging materials available, choosing the best option for your home may seem like a challenge. Check out the differences in each material to simplify the decision.

Stone or Brick

Stone and brick edging comes in a variety of styles. Natural stones such as flagstone and bluestone create an earthy look to the edging. The flat sides of these natural stones lend themselves well to stacking. Rocks and cobblestones offer another natural look. Edging bricks are manufactured to create uniform pieces that fit together to create clean lines. The bricks create a more tailored look for the edging.


Wood landscaping border options include fence-like stakes, railroad ties or short wooden posts. Wood borders create a more rustic or country look around the plant beds. They are placed with part of the edging underneath the soil to hold it in place. Treating the wood helps protect it from weather and other natural elements.


Plastic borders include both fencing style edging and rolled plastic edging. Most of the rolled plastic border is placed under the ground with only the top showing. It is held in place with stakes and the dirt. The fencing style plastic border is also placed into the ground but leaves more of the decorative plastic showing above the ground.


This type of landscape edge involves digging a trench to divide the landscaped area from the surrounding lawn. The trench prevents the grass from invading the garden area. A shovel or spade is used to dig an angled trench along the landscaped area. This method of edging requires frequent maintenance to keep the trench dug out. You may have to dig the trench again or touch up areas of the trench.

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