List of Flowers That Grow in the Summer

Summer flowers add sparkle to your front lawn and grow wild into dazzling blankets of blooms throughout ditches and fields. Summer flowers are a delight on their own but can also draw butterflies, bumble bees and hummingbirds into your flower garden. Whether you prefer a structured bed of annuals or an untamed perennial garden, liven up your summer lawn with a beautiful splash of color.


Annuals planted in the spring grow and bloom in the summer. Some popular summer annual flowers are begonias, cosmos, coxcomb, gallardias, impatiens, marigolds, petunias, periwinkle, sunflowers and zinnias.


Perennials grow a root system that allows the plant to return every year. Some perennials that grow into summer blooms are black-eyed Susans, cone flowers, lavender, Russian sage, day-lilies, phlox, salvia, roses and shasta daisies. Geraniums and hibiscus, two popular summer flowers, can be annuals or perennials.


Vines are annuals but often drop enough seeds that you will see them again next summer without planting more. Some vines that show flowers as they grow in the summer are morning glories, moonflowers, sweet pea flowers, purple hyacinth beans and cardinal vines. Hollyhocks, a popular summer flower, can grow as annuals or perennials and grow in tall stalks rather than vines.

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