What to Plant in a Window Box in Winter

Many people let their window box sit neglected from the end of summer to the beginning of spring, a grim and drab reminder that a cold sleep has descended on the world. In reality, however, not everything dies over the winter. With careful selection and arrangement, you can come up with a winter window with a stately vivacity which can sustain you until the next round of bright summer blooms.

Shrubs and Vines

Grow small, evergreen shrubs in your window box as a backdrop. Dwarf Boxleaf Euonymus, green or golden privet and other hardy compact shrubs will provide an effective stage for your brighter winter flowers. You can also use hardy vines such as English Ivy to add to your winter greenery.


Leafy winter vegetables give you a nice layer of greenery just like evergreens do, and they also provide you with something fresh to eat during the cold winter months. Kale, collard greens and swiss chard can overwinter in many climates, providing you with a mini kitchen garden during the cold months.


Dot the front of your window box with fall and winter blooming plants. Paper whites, certain begonias and many other flowers can bloom in winter weather. What is available depends on the climate you live in. In mild climates, you will have a quite broad selection of winter blooms, but in climates that get near freezing your choices will be limited.

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