Ideas for Indoor Serenity Gardens

An indoor serenity garden is a room you can escape to for some quiet thought, a cup of tea or a yoga stretch. It is the perfect place to keep stone monuments to remember lost loved ones as well as a space to keep open and flowing to inspire you to the future. No matter what direction you take with your indoor serenity garden, you want to keep it simple. With a serenity garden, less is more.


Find a room in your house that comforts and calms you, a room you are drawn to when you are stressed. Ideally, this room--or enclosed porch--will be a quiet room with with a peaceful view. Windows allow for a breeze in warmer weather as well as sunlight for you and your plants. However, you can always enhance lighting with simple paper lanterns and candles. Keep open space in your room and consider having an indoor rock garden or a miniature Zen sand garden for simple meditation and relaxation.


Keep the color in your indoor serenity garden soft. If your walls are not white, at least have them a quiet, earthy shade such as sage green. Choose plants with soft colors as well--white and green are always calming. Palms, ferns and vines are all simple green plants to keep potted in your indoor serenity garden. Bonsai and bamboo add an element of the exotic while keeping the color soft. Instead of brilliant flowering plants with contrasting blooms, choose plants with soft-colored blooms such as African violets, orchids and lilies.


Scent is a wonderful feature of your meditation room. Aromatherapy is known for calming people and for reducing stress. Add an herb garden to your indoor serenity garden, including aeromatics such as rosemary and lavender. Other calming scents that you can procure--be it through candles, incense, oils or plants--are grapefruit, mandarin, jasmine, rose and ylang-ylang.


The sound of water can be relaxing. Obtain an indoor fountain for your indoor garden, or keep your fish tank in that space. The filter will supply the soothing sound of water while the fish are visually calming. Birds are also a pleasant addition to a serenity garden if you have caged birds or can attract wild birds to feed outside of your windows. Wind chimes outside or inside will supply a sense of serenity. If all else fails, purchase a recording of soothing sounds such as rain, whale sounds or soft music to play in your indoor serenity garden.

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