How to Make a Lattice Wall Trellis


A wall trellis enables you to create a wall that is covered with climbers or vines, thus adding color and softening large areas of brick. These add visual interest and appeal to any wall they are supported against and also attract flitting birds and colorful butterflies. Not only can you plant colored climbers like roses, ivy, passionflower or honeysuckle, but you can also grow vegetables like beans or cucumbers. These vines, once trained to climb a lattice wall trellis grow to spread and cover the entire area.

How to Make a Lattice Wall Trellis

Step 1

View the wall where you want to insert the trellis so you get an idea of how high and wide you want it to be. Decide whether you want an entire wall trellis, or a portion of it.

Step 2

Stand on a sturdy ladder and use a measuring tape to measure down from the top of the wall to determine where you want to top of the lattice trellis to start. Mark the spot with chalk. Measure across 8 to 12 inches, depending on the size of the wall, and mark the spot again with chalk. Do this until you have five chalk marks to indicate spots to drill and insert screw hooks for the upper row.

Step 3

Mark the second row the same way, but make sure each mark is 8 to 12 inches below the corresponding mark on top. You can increase the space if you want a bigger trellis, or reduce the distance for a smaller trellis.

Step 4

Wear your protective eyeglasses and earplugs and drill holes over the chalked marks for masonry anchors. Make sure you drill holes over each spot you marked with chalk.

Step 5

Insert screw hooks into the masonry anchors, making sure 2 to 4 inches are visible so the vines have some room to move.

Step 6

Wind the wire around the top left hook and extend it to the hook under it. Pull it taut and wind it again, extending down. Continue this procedure until you have a vertical line of wire. You may need to use pliers to bend the hooks so they close. Repeat this procedure until you install all the wire vertically. Your wall will now have five lines of straight wire running from the top hook to the bottom.

Step 7

Stand on a sturdy ladder and wind the wire around the top left hook. Extend it to the parallel hook and wind it around that. Continue this process until your first row is wired. You may have to get off the ladder and reposition it under every mark. Repeat this procedure until you attach lengths of wire horizontally as well. Your wall will now have a lattice trellis resembling a grid.

Things You'll Need

  • Ladder
  • Measuring tape
  • Chalk
  • Protective eyeglasses
  • Earplugs
  • Power drill
  • Masonry bit
  • Masonry anchors
  • Screw hooks
  • 14-gauge garden wire
  • Pliers


  • Wall Trellis
  • Espaliers
  • Anchoring to Concrete, Brick or Block
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