How to Design a Flower Garden Online


When planning a new flower garden, it's important to consider every detail to ensure planting and growing success. Instead of the old-fashioned pencil-and-paper method, why not try designing a flower garden online? Using graphics tools and suggestions, you can easily experiment with many different styles and choices in plants before finalizing plans for your new flower garden.

Step 1

Visit (see resources below) and click on the "Virtual Garden" link in the center of the page to load the online flower garden tool.

Step 2

View the options on the next page. You may start a new garden, view a tutorial, open a garden already saved or begin with a garden template. Choose "Start" to begin creating an online flower garden.

Step 3

Enter the dimensions of your desired flower garden in either meters or feet. Click "OK."

Step 4

Use your mouse to draw an outline of your flower garden on the grid that appears next. Confirm the boundaries of the outline you draw and it will appear on the work area.

Step 5

Find the "Plants" section in the top right corner and click this. Next, click on the drop-down menu to select the types of plants you wish to use. Drag plants you wish to use in your flower garden over to the landscape area. Press the arrow buttons to view additional plants within each group.

Step 6

Continue adding plants. If you wish to remove a plant, click "Remove Plant" at the bottom of the work area or click "Undo." Experiment with different layouts and arrangements.

Step 7

Select the "Objects" section in the top right corner and click this. View the different objects you can select and place in your flower garden--including furniture, trellises, sheds and water items. Select these items in the same way you selected plants.

Step 8

Continue adding, removing and rearranging the different items until you have a flower garden you like.

Step 9

Click the "Save My Garden" button at the top of the work area to save your garden. Click "Print Plant List" to print a list of the plants you will need to purchase to create your garden. Click "Templates" to view existing templates if you need inspiration in creating your garden.

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