How to Prune a Skyline Asiatic Lily


The Skyline Asiatic lily is a tiny hybrid lily that grows to be only 15 to 24 inches tall, sometimes even shorter. Despite its tiny size, it produces large, unscented orange blooms in late spring to early summer. It is a perfect lily to use around borders in full sun or partial shade and can be grown in containers as well. The Skyline Asiatic lily is quite hardy and can be grown outdoors in climate zones 5 through 10. However, to ensure that your Skyline Asiatic lily will bloom each year, proper pruning is absolutely necessary.

Step 1

Wait until your Skyline Asiatic lily has finished growing. Do not cut or prune your Skyline Asiatic lily anytime during its growing period.

Step 2

Allow the Skyline Asiatic lily to die back completely after the blooms are spent. It will turn brown and then a yellowish color.

Step 3

Cut the Skyline Asiatic back to the ground using a pair of sharp pruning shears. Once the lily has died back completely -- usually in the early fall -- cut it back to the soil level.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not fertilize your lilies after they have bloomed. This will not encourage new blooms. It will actually force the lily to try to continue growing when it should be going into its dormant state. It is extremely important that you allow the Skyline Asiatic lily to die back completely before cutting. All lilies take in nutrients for the next year's growth and blooming through the stems. If these are cut back before they have died completely, your lily will not bloom the following year.

Things You'll Need

  • Sharp pruning shears


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