How to Dry Lupine Flowers


The long flower stalk with its many small, compact blooms makes lupine a striking addition to dried flower arrangements. The blue and lavender lupines retain much of their color after drying, while the pinks fade to a lighter shade. Hang-drying preserves the natural shape of the lupine stalk and is also the most inexpensive method of flower drying. Use the the dried lupine in vase arrangements, in wreathes or display in shadow-box-style frames.

Step 1

Cut the lupine flowers when they are at their peak. Choose healthy stems with undamaged petals.

Step 2

Remove the leaves from the lupine flower stalk. Leaves dry dark and have a tendency to crumble, so removal beforehand keeps the flower looking its best.

Step 3

Tie an 8 to 10 inch length of string or yarn around the stem of each flower stalk, one stalk per string. Tie a loop in the other end of the string to hang it by.

Step 4

Hang the lupines upside down in a dark, dry place such as a pantry or closet. Hang them so the lupines aren't touching each other or a wall, as this may damage them during drying.

Step 5

Allow the lupine to dry for two to three weeks. When the petals and stems feel hard and dry they are ready to use in your projects.

Tips and Warnings

  • If the flowers are not used in a project right away, store them an airtight container to protect them from insects and damage.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden clippers
  • String


  • Alabama Cooperative Extension
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