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Trying to find an appropriate plant for a home or office can be hard to do considering the dry air of a home or office and the lack of natural direct light. Choosing plants that are designed for this type of condition can be easy if you know where to look. Plants that work best for office or home use or those that can thrive in an environment without humidity.

Wandering Jew

Wandering Jew, or Tradescantia zebrina, is from the Commelinaceae, or spiderwort, family. It is a fast-growing perennial that is easy to grow for beginners. Leaves are 3 inches long and striped in silver or burgundy color. Wandering jew grows in rich, organic soil with mulch and in semi-shade locations, so it works as an indoor plant. To propagate, take cuttings with at least one node and plant in mulched organic-rich soil.

Ti Plant

Ti Plant, or Cordyline fruticosa, is from the Agavaceae, or agave, family. It is an evergreen perennial. The shrub gets 10 feet tall when planted outside, but indoor growth is smaller. Leaves are 12 to 30 inches long and 4 to 6 inches wide and in tufts. Flowers are nicely scented and 1/2 inch wide, blooming in red or yellow shades. Plant a ti plant in partial shade to full sun outdoors or in a bright spot out of direct sunlight indoors. Propagate a ti plant by stem cuttings.


Hyacinth, or Hyacinthus orientalis, is from the Liliaceae, or lily, family. It is a fragrant perennial. There is a 12-inch stalk and four to six shiny, strap-like leaves. Flowers may be blue, white, lavender, pink, orange, red or yellow. More than 60 different cultivars exist. Place a hyacinth in full sun with normal watering. Propagate via offsets in late summer.

Sword Fern

The perennial Sword Fern, or Nephrolepis exaltata, is from the Nephrolepidacae, or sword fern, family. The fronds reach 3 feet long and 6 inches wide. The leaflets are 3 inches long and toothed. Plant a sword fern in partial shade outdoors or in filtered light indoors. Propagate via runner division.

Algerian Ivy

Algerian Ivy, or Hedera canariensis, is from the Araliaceae, or ginseng, family. It is an evergreen vine that can thrive in an office. It has red leaf stems with large leaves featuring five to seven lobes. It grows quickly. Plant Algerian ivy in moist, rich soil and put it in partial sun or shade. Propagate via cuttings or by layering in mid to late spring.

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