Privacy Ideas for a Backyard

The backyard can be a relaxing oasis for family or a convenient place to entertain friends. We like to dine and chat with friends, or sunbathe alone, without prying eyes from neighboring buildings or walkways. By partially or completing surrounding your backyard retreat, you can gain the privacy you deserve to make entertaining or relaxing more enjoyable.

Evergreens and Shrubs

Evergreens or shrubs planted in the ground or in large pots can offer privacy at varying eye levels. Choose a fast-growing evergreen like Thuga Green Giant or a shrub like rose of Sharon. These evergreens or shrubs can be strategically placed to block a view--for example, you might plant three to five in a row or partial circle, or create a right-angle to block a view. Or plant an ornamental grass like variegated maiden grass side by side to create a 6-foot tall privacy screen.


To restrict the view to your backyard from second or higher floors of neighboring buildings, build a gazebo or pergola. For additional privacy, grow vines across the top of a pergola. For either structure, shades or drapes made of outdoor-suitable fabric can be added to provide optimal privacy. Shade sails--a large triangular piece of fabric held up on polls or attached to structures--can provide both privacy and shade. Install side-by-side trellis or lattice secured to posts. Trellis or lattice can also be installed at right angles to create a corner for privacy.


Use fencing for backyard privacy when the intrusive source is at ground level, such as vehicle or foot traffic. Economical privacy fencing options include vinyl, wood, bamboo or even chain link fencing with vinyl strips woven through the openings to create privacy. Brick or stone are also options and can be mixed with economical options by building a low brick or stone wall and topping it with vinyl or wood fencing.

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