How to Cut Dead Roses From a Rose Bush


Removing dead blooms from your rose bush will encourage the growth of new ones, and of course enjoying of lots of beautiful flowers is what having roses is all about in the first place. Each spent bloom allowed to remain on a rose plant will form a seed pod, or hip, and begin to focus the plant's energy and resources to the development of seeds. This reduces its ability to produce further blooming. For best results, deadhead your rose bush regularly as blooms fade throughout the flowering season.

Step 1

Pull on your gardening gloves and make sure that your shears are clean and sharp.

Step 2

Look the rose bush over to find any blooms that have faded and begun to turn brown.

Step 3

Cut the stem back about eight to ten inches from the faded bloom. Make the cut at about a 45-degree angle at about one-fourth inch above a side shoot, a cluster of leaves growing from a bud. This will produce a flush of healthy new growth.

Step 4

Collect cut stems and toss them on the compost heap. Discarded plant material lying around the garden can attract unwanted fungus and insect pests.

Things You'll Need

  • Gardening gloves
  • Sharp clean shears


  • How to Deadhead Roses
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