Summer Flowers for Planting

Many plants bloom in the summertime. This season, where the sun is at its brightest and longest, is also when you see the most flowers. Listing all the garden flowers that arrive in the summer would be difficult, but here are some of the more popular types.

Bird of Paradise

This summer flower originates from South Africa and resembles the bird after which it is named, with crane-shaped leaves and a bloom of blue and orange petals. They are popular in gardens around the world.


Carnations form large, complex flowers of various colors. The name of the flower comes from Greek and means, literally, "flower of Zeus." They are perennial plants and enjoy full sun and well-drained soil. They should not be grown in windy areas because of their heavy flowers and floppy stems.


There are over 30 species of chrysanthemum flowers, and they are used as herbs as well as decorative plants. Their blooms can have many different appearances and colors depending on the variety. They tend to stand out, so they are best used as centerpieces for your garden.


Daylilies are perennial flowers and produce grasslike leaves and deep flowers. They bloom in various colors, depending on the variety, but each flower lives for only a day. Fortunately, the plant produces many flowers over a long time period. They are best planted in full sun (6 hours minimum) and away from any trees or shrubs, because their roots will compete. The soil should ideally be well-drained and high in organic matter.


Freesias are bulbs that produce flowers colored white, purple, yellow, orange or red. As with many flowers, they need well-drained soil and full sun. Freesia can be grown indoors as well as outside.


These are large plants that produce round clusters of many small flowers. The flowers come in many colors, and some varieties produce more than one color per plant. The acidity of the soil can change the color of the flowers as well. Hydrangeas need lots of water and rich soil.


Roses are among the most well-known of flowers, and form legendarily beautiful blooms. The most common color is red, but there are many varieties of rose that produce different colors. They do require more care than a lot of species of flowers, but the amount of care required depends on the variety.


No discussion of summer flowers would be complete without the sunflower. This plant can grow several feet high (though there are shorter varieties). When the flowers bloom, they will face east. They prefer moist, somewhat loose soil, and require relatively little maintenance once they have gotten started.

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