How to Grow Beans From Seed


Beans come in many varieties suitable for the home garden. Pole beans require a trellis system, while bush beans produce well and require no additional support. Most gardeners grow tender beans, such as snap beans, but some prefer shelling bean varieties that are stored dry. A warm season crop, most varieties take less than two months to reach maturity. Plant your bean plants from seed in spring after all danger of frost in your area has passed.

Step 1

Prepare a well-draining garden bed in full sun for planting. Lay a 2-inch layer of mature compost over the bed and till it in 8 to 10 inches deep to aid drainage and soil quality.

Step 2

Sow bean seeds 1 inch deep. Space bush bean seeds 2 inches apart in rows 18 inches apart. Space pole beans 4 inches apart in rows 30 inches apart.

Step 3

Push a 6-foot-tall stake into the ground at the end of each row of pole beans. Stretch a wire between the top of the stakes. Attach one end of a rope to the top wire and attach the other end to a small stake driven into the ground behind a sown bean seed. Add a rope and small stake for each sown seed so the beans climb the rope once they begin growing.

Step 4

Water the soil after planting. Keep the soil moist, but not soggy, at all times. Approximately 1 inch of water is needed per week.

Step 5

Apply a 2-inch layer of organic mulch around the plants once they sprout. This prevents weed growth and preserves soil moisture around the beans.

Step 6

Harvest beans once the pods are elongated but the seeds have not fully matured, approximately two months after sowing. Snap the beans from the plant, taking care not to damage the stem.

Tips and Warnings

  • Only harvest when the plants are dry, otherwise disease may be spread on wet plants. Mosaic and blight are common problems with beans. Plant resistant varieties.

Things You'll Need

  • Compost
  • Stakes
  • Wire
  • Rope
  • Mulch


  • University of Illinois Extension
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