Plant Ideas for Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets need a plant designed for containers as well as a nice cascading effect. Plants for hanging baskets are usually a fern or vinelike plant that can drape down the basket. Typical container plants can be used in hanging baskets as well if the cascade effect isn't wanted.

Wandering Jew

Wandering Jew, or Tradescantia zebrina, is from the Commelinaceae, or spiderwort, family. It is a perennial that is fast growing and easy for beginner gardeners. It will make a good hanging basket plant in the way that it cascades down from the container. It has 3-inch leaves that are hairy and oval with silver or burgundy stripes. Plant a wandering Jew in rich organic soils with bright shade or semishade. A moist soil is needed. Propagate this plant via root cuttings.

English Ivy

English Ivy, or Hedera helix, is from the Araliaceae, or ginseng, family. It is an evergreen vine. Leaves vary widely in size and color. Care should be taken with the black poisonous berries that will appear after the small flowers bloom. Plant English ivy plants in a rich moist soil and in partial sun or shade for proper growth. Propagate via grafting, layering or by cuttings.

Star Jasmine

Star jasmine, or Jasminum nitidum, is from the Oleaceae, or olive, family. It is an evergreen fragrant vine. Flowers are white and shaped like a pinwheel 2 inches wide. Leaves are 2 inches long and leathery. The vine itself can grow 20 feet long. Plant this vine in full sun or nearly full sun locations and water regularly. Propagate via spring or summer semihardwood cuttings or by layering the vine.

Chinese Wisteria

Chinese wisteria, or Wisteria sinensis, is from the Fabaceae/Leguminosae, or bean, family. It is a fast-growing fragrant vine. Flowers are clusters of bluish purple racemes that drop from the plant and look like grapes. Leaves get 3 inches long. It is a vine that can live a long time. Plant a Chinese wisteria plant in full sun or shade and in any soil type. It is very easy to propagate by seed, grafts, layers or by cuttings.

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