Encore Azalea Landscaping Ideas

An azalea, a flowering shrub in the Rhododendron family that has over 800 varieties, usually blooms only once a year in the early spring. The Encore Azalea, however, was specifically developed to bloom three seasons a year---in spring, summer, and fall. The distinctive blooming cycle of the Encore Azalea makes this shrub an excellent decorative landscape plant. Because Encore Azaleas require little pruning, no deadheading, and prefer full sun to lightly filtered shade, they can be planted in many areas where traditional azaleas would be unsuitable for growing.

Foundation Plantings

Encore Azaleas are excellent shrubs to use for foundation plantings around the home. These evergreen shrubs come in a variety of sizes and bloom colors, which can be planted alternately or in groups of the same type. Because Encore Azaleas bloom three seasons a year, they are excellent shrubs to plant under window areas, around steps, or in any sunny location that needs a colorful accent. Appropriate spacing for each cultivar is essential to allow the azaleas enough room to reach their maturity size. Make sure that the area selected for planting has well-drained soil and receives at least four to six hours a day of sunlight to ensure proper blooming.

Border Plantings

A border of long-blooming Encore Azaleas can beautify any area of the landscape. Groups of Encore Azaleas can be planted along fence lines, sidewalks, or property borders. Encore Azaleas are also exceptional shrubs to define a garden area or plant around a mailbox, because they require little maintenance to maintain their compact and colorful blooming appearance. Planting these azaleas in the fall can help the roots become established for a more effective growing season the following year.

Container Plantings

Encore Azaleas are also well suited for planting in containers or large garden pots. Containers of these shrubs can brighten up and accent a front or back porch, deck, patio, or swimming pool, and are excellent plants to place in sunny areas of the home, like an indoor sun room or solarium. Encore Azaleas can be planted by themselves, or with an assortment of other annuals, perennials, vines, and grasses, to provide varying color and interest throughout the growing season. Choose plants---to grow in containers with azaleas---that prefer slightly acidic soil. Plant the azaleas in large, decorative garden pots that provide drainage holes for container planting.

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