Porch Landscaping Ideas

Cause passersby to give a second glance back at your stunning front porch landscape. Use the space to create layers with plants and flowers. Add shrubs around the perimeter to create natural edging. For height, hang flowers and creeping vines in hanging baskets to drip down the porch. Frame a bay window using window boxes filled with fragrant blooms. Open the window and let the smells circulate.

Long-Lasting Bloomers

Nothing lasts as long as a perennial garden. Use the landscape around the porch area to create a long-lasting and vibrant garden. Nestle the perennials around the shrubs to fill in hard-to-reach spaces. Use colorful plants like balloon flowers, garden phlox and coral bells--all create large clusters of flowers and sprawling foliage. Black-eyed Susans will come up fuller and healthier and add a burst of yellow and black to the bed. Use taller perennials in the back of the bed to create a contrasting backdrop. In the front of the bed, add low-growing bulbs like daffodils and tulips. Beginning in the early spring, they'll begin to peek up and out of the bed and ensure blooms throughout the growing season.

Colorful Creations

Add colorful shrubs like hydrangea and honeysuckle bushes to the front of the porch. Fire bush shrubs are large sprawling shrubs with bright blazing red and orange blooms that also create a stunning and vibrant addition to the front porch area. Shrubs are an ideal landscape addition because they create height while filling out empty spaces that can cause the porch to look bare. Using shrubs creates an interesting border. Situate the shrubs on the edges of the porch and let them grow out and up around the landscape. Over time, the bushes will thrive and grow to create your own landscape design.

Window Box

Window boxes, hanging baskets and containers add a splash of color to porches. Hang the window boxes from the porch and line the walkway and front garden area with containers. Fill the hanging baskets with petunia and verbena plants. Add in creeping sedum and thyme to cascade down the container, creating an added design. Ferns also love hanging containers and will thrive when planted in these pots. Hang the ferns along the front porch for an inviting entryway. Plant perennial herbs for fragrant and sweet-smelling designs. Containers come in varying heights and colors, so you can match them to the existing design palette of your front porch.

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