How to Make Biodegradable Plant Pots


Biodegradable plant pots offer an environmentally friendly way to start new seeds and seedlings indoors. Instead of using plastic planting tray or pots indoors and then transplanting the plants out of the plastic pots, many gardeners prefer to use biodegradable plant pots that they can place in the ground along with the tiny plants. Make your own biodegradable pots to save money and recycle toilet paper rolls.

Step 1

Cut a toilet paper roll in half lengthwise so that you have two shorter toilet paper rolls. You will make two plant pots from one toilet paper roll.

Step 2

Make four, ¾-inch slits in one end of each half toilet paper roll. Evenly space the splits around the toilet paper roll. This creates four equal tabs on the end of the roll.

Step 3

Fold one tab in toward the center of the toilet paper roll. Fold the tab to the right of the first tab in toward the center of the toilet paper roll. Fold the next tab to the right of the second tab in toward the center of the toilet paper roll. You now have three tabs folded in toward the center of the toilet paper roll.

Step 4

Fold the fourth tab in toward the center of the toilet paper roll. In folding this tab, tuck half of the tab under the first tab you folded. This is similar to how you close the flaps of a cardboard box. Adjust the flaps to secure the bottom of the biodegradable plant pot.

Step 5

Place the plant pot onto a flat surface. Cut a small circle of thin cardboard to fit inside bottom of the plant pot. Lay this small piece of cardboard into the bottom of the plant pot to keep the soil from escaping.

Step 6

Fill the plant pot with potting soil and place it in a shallow tray. Make as many more plant pots as you need and fill them with potting soil.

Step 7

Plant one seed in each plant pot. Water the seeds and maintain them in the same way you would care for seeds planted in any small plant pots.

Step 8

Bury each toilet paper plant pot entirely under the soil outdoors when it is time to transplant the seedlings. The toilet paper rolls will decompose naturally under the soil.

Things You'll Need

  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Scissors
  • Thin cardboard
  • Potting soil
  • Shallow tray
  • Seeds


  • Recycling Toilet Paper Rolls
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